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Ignite the Light
of Education

Helping our students to be cognitively enriched, effectively trained, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired teachers. Who will help to inspire tomorrow’s generation to explore
and disover new ideas. Our teachers will create a future generation
who are confident, skilled and enthusiastic.


HM Teacher Education Institution serves as key change agents in transforming education and society,so such a future is possible. To impart teacher training which enables the prospective teachers to see the obtaining world in the new light of universal human values. Since its foundation in 2004,The institution has been triumphantly imparting teacher training for energetic students from all over the state.   

 The program is recognized by Govt of  Kerala and approved by NCTE Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EI.Ed) Work for the purpose to prepare teachers for primary level teaching ,i.e. from class I to VIII . The major purpose of teacher education is focused upon imparting better training and skills to achieve the desired academic outputs and enhance the level of teacher trainer in accordance with their subjects, also enabling the student to holdout their prospective level of living


H.M. Training School, under the aegis of HM Trust,
offers two-year D. El. Ed Program


Intake: One Unit (50 Students)

D.El.Ed Programme

Diploma in Elementary Education is a two year professional program focused on primary teachers training.  D.El.Ed provides training to the would-be teachers to teach students in the primary/upper primary school, aged between 6-15 years/class I to VIII. At HM Training College, students are given activities throughout their program to develop their soft-skills. Students are encouraged to read as much as possible to broaden their subject knowledge. A well equipped library and computer lab are available in the campus which can be made full use of to gain supplementary knowledge.


I think there should be a good balance between being a good student and being able to enjoy college life. I have found this at HM Training School

Shelcy P Shaji

H.M Training school has a good background in teacher training. All the facilities are upto the mark. The faculty are friendly and cooperative. H.M Training school will help us to improve our selves as good teachers

Sinta George

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